Why Kōkua?

Our mission is to help companies to unlock their full digital potential by designing strategies with tangible & measurable impact and developing products & solutions that matter.

We are passionate about companies and people who, like us, believe technology is an amazing vehicle to drive change, challenge the status quo and re-invent new ways of living or working.

At Kōkua, we love to share our experience and learnings and we strive to provide our best expertise and guidance on how technology can serve customers and employees in an ethical & impactful way.

Whether you're a fast growing startup or an established corporation in mutation/evolution, we will adapt our strategy and approach contextually for an optimal outcome.

Consulting Services

Fractional CTO | CPO or as a Service; part-time over short or long-term project

Consulting and Services in:

Coaching of Product & Technology leaders

Ad-hoc participation to your Board on specific topic or domains

Key subject matter expertise:

Selective investments in tech start-ups

As former entrepreneurs and tech executives ourselves, we also invest in selective entrepreneurs and startups that match our vision and values. Beyond providing business angel money, Kokua offers true support and expertise in Product, Technology and Go-To-Market Strategy to boost the growth and success of our portfolio.






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